Ding Zuhao - Senior Manager Application Engineering

1. Career aspirations as a child

I grew up in Chongming, the 3rd biggest island in China, where at that time the traffic to the outside world was not as convenient as today. Therefore, throughout my childhood, or in other words, as a student, to have a look at the outside world was always on my mind. 

2. One word to sum up my career

The first word that comes to mind is ‘Challenge’. Ever since I joined FUCHS CHINA, the requirements and expectations to me have been challenging year over year, both from technical aspects and the management perspective. The challenge refreshes every year as there are always new and demanding tasks.

3. Important skills/ knowledge to get a job at FUCHS

  • Profound professional knowledge in a certain area
  • Good communication in a cross-cultural atmosphere
  • Open mindset to embrace change and challenge
  • Loyalty to the company

4. My career at FUCHS

I joined FUCHS in 2009, after having worked as a R&D engineer in my previous company for 6 years. At that time, I was offered several positions at FUCHS – R&D, application engineer and sales. Application engineer was my choice to start at FUCHS, because there are a lot of opportunities to connect with both external customers and internal staff including R&D, logistic, sales, etc. Within 2 years’ time I was lucky enough to be promoted as Product Manager of rolling oil, which was highly related to the steel business. Later I became Product Manager of Steel Industry, leading the steel technical support group. Since 2015, I have been responsible for managing the TSE team and later the application engineering team as well. 

5. My best experience at FUCHS so far 

My effort is and will be valued and recognized. 

Challenges exist all the time through my working at FUCHS so far, and it will be an everlasting topic for sure. However, the best experience is that I can feel strongly that FUCHS values people who really contribute. Also, there are recognitions from your colleagues, lines managers, and the top management as well. 

6. As an employee, what makes FUCHS special?

Flexibility, from my point of view, is what makes us special. 

Our flat hierarchies enable us to react quickly to changing conditions and serve the needs of the market with appropriate flexibility.

7. How “Explore your specialties. Expand your possibilities.” applies to my daily work

As mentioned, my job at FUCHS keeps changing over the last 10 years. For me, it means that I have to leave my comfort zone and learn new things and skills whenever there is a change or new demand. Professional sales skills, new product knowledge in other product lines, operation knowledge, coordination, how to be an inspiring manager…all these keep me learning through practicing throughout the daily work.