Joost van Genderen – Head of Motorcycle Division

Working at FUCHS UK on the Silkolene Brand has been a great journey for me so far.

One of the main attributes that FUCHS UK offer is the ability to grow as a person. I believe that no matter what part of the company you might work in, you are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table, offer alternative opinions and be given the chance to change things for the better. The only thing stopping you at FUCHS, is you.

In the short (ish) time I have worked at FUCHS UK – just reached my 10th year – I have been allowed to develop my career at the company. Starting as an area sales manager, I was able to prove myself and take on more responsibility over time and since moved on several times and now head up my own division within the company.

This was not because of any management training plan or fast track scheme, but through hard work alongside likeminded people, being able to make decisions (and mistakes) for the benefit of the company.

I am now directly involved in so many new parts of the Silkolene business, such as:

  • Marketing activities
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • New product development
  • Labels & artwork
  • Point of sale
  • Managing teams of people
  • Reporting and preparing budgets
  • Pricing
  • Meeting international distributors & travel

To name but a few. And perhaps most importantly I am fortunate to be working alongside a great team of people day in and day out.

My Global role allows me to learn about exciting new markets, building strong relationships with FUCHS colleagues from all around the World. Learning about diverse cultures, adapting our sales strategies to meet local demands. Developing new products, varied sales strategies and offer our support to implement new initiatives. 

One of the most enjoyable & challenging parts of my role is learning about new countries, with different cultures and sales environments, often having to overcome regional challenges to open new markets for the Silkolene Brand.

I work with many FUCHS colleagues from around the world and as a team we are able to facilitate real change. Working together to grow our international markets, through continuous product development and work together to find solutions for any perceived problems as and when they come along.

Not something I ever intended to do, but I am now doing things that I never thought I could do. Working at FUCHS means I am always looking forwards for what might come next!

I would recommend working with FUCHS to anyone that is prepared to get out what they put into their work.