Ian Wilson – Technical Specialist

After recently retiring from FUCHS, with 20 rewarding years of service, I look back at the opportunities and experiences that the Company has provided to me. Starting off as a Technical Specialist back in 1999, never did I think I would have accomplished all that I have during my time with FUCHS.

Throughout the early years of my FUCHS career, it was clear that if you were willing to put the effort in, you would be rewarded. After 3 years being part of the Technical Support Team, I was offered the position of Chemical Process Management (CPM) Operations Manager – South, looking after the servicing taking place on our larger customers sites. This gave me the chance to display my managerial skills, as well as my technical knowledge to customers.

The biggest part of my FUCHS career began in 2006 however, when I grasped the chance to help grow the Mining Business in China. What was originally planned to be a 3-year project, extended into an 11-year secondment, helping to develop and grow the mining business for FUCHS China.

Being able to use my knowledge and experience and apply them in a different country seemed daunting at first. China’s economy grew at such a fast pace and the role was demanding, which made it challenging and enjoyable. Myself, and a team made up of Technical Specialists, Engineers and Sales People played a huge part in the success of a growing market for FUCHS, something which I consider to be one of my biggest accomplishments in my career.

Seeing my work and effort contribute to impressive growth and results for FUCHS China and the FUCHS Group has been without a doubt, the most rewarding part of my career, and I would do it all over again if given the chance.