Paul Littley – Executive Manager – Global Research & Development

Working at FUCHS UK, I have held many positions over the last 35 years. Mainly working within Research & Development, but also managing the UK laboratory functions.

I started at FUCHS 35 years ago as a Development Chemist for Metalworking Fluids and quickly progressed to Leading the R&D Team, with European responsibilities for metal working fluids development.

As the FUCHS Organisation continued to grow, so did my involvement and responsibilities for the Group, taking on European Raw Material Manager and European Research &Development Co-ordinator.

In the UK I took responsibility as Technical Services Executive Manager for Research and Laboratory Services encompassing Quality Control Lab, Customer Service Laboratories, Product Health & Safety and Quality Procedures.

Today my position is Executive Manager – Global Research & Development, and have responsibility to coach and mentor our up and coming laboratory management teams.

The company I see as progressive and always moving in a positive direction, especially over the past 15 years, FUCHS UK has evolved beyond recognition.  Since 1984, driven by local management, the company has made huge investments in facilities and people.  This has paid off, we now have state of the art facilities and industry-best people resulting in more accreditations and supplier awards for service and innovation.

Personally, I am proud to have contributed to the success of the UK and the FUCHS Group. My position has led me to head three of the Global teams as part of our Matrix structure. As head of Key Working Groups (Mining, Metal Working Fluids and Glass) and as a member of several other Key Working Groups I can share my experience in an open way and pass on the knowledge I have gained.

The FUCHS UK team have a high innovation level and excellent ways of working which I enjoy very much.  Each day has many challenges, time goes very quickly and its always a case of some steps forward and some back but that’s the nature of Research and Development!  I have never stopped learning at FUCHS and my aim is to keep moving forward!